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Wireless Solutions

Today Wireless solutions are not just about Wi-Fi; we now use various services to communicate. Mobile communications have changed dramatically how we work, since the introduction of mobile 4G (and 5G in the future). We use our mobile devices to access email, use apps for work and social media, often from our offices and other places such as hotels.

When using mobile communication and when they work well, we don’t even think about it, until we have a problem connecting to the internet.

With over 75 billion connected devices forecast by 2025, Wi-Fi will not be able to cope, 5G has limited penetration through walls, and the rest of the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum is already allocated. A new technology, called Light Fidelity (Li-Fi), is offering a solution to these congestion issues and has virtually unlimited bandwidth. Li-Fi will become a supplementary technology when used in conjunction with Wi-Fi which will provide resilient and robust wireless networks that will be capable of handling many more devices than is currently possible over existing Wi-Fi networks.

Hence why you should consider all the wireless options and emerging technologies that are available today to enable you to get the best solution for your long-term needs. GCL was one of the first companies to offer wireless solutions over 20 years ago and have extensive knowledge of all wireless solutions available today.

A smart building where your occupants and visitors can communicate and work effectively will provide your facilities with a truly productive, cost-effective working environment and will increase employee satisfaction.


GCL has experience of installing a wide variety of different types of installations from Enterprise Networks for Universities, Hospitals (See case study below) to small office and residential homes. GCL also has have experience of installing Wi-Fi into industrial applications such as factories and warehouses as well as providing outdoor links to complicated installations where laying physical cables are not an option.

Case study, King’s Lynn Hospital – improving medical treatment and patient experience

Wi-Fi 6 for faster networks

Because of the issues caused by so many devices using Wi-Fi, the industry has come up with a new standard to make Wi-Fi more efficient. The new Wi-Fi 6 standard does a better job managing data and allocating the required airtime to multiple users. It also works smarter than its predecessors in dense environments, transmitting more data to an increased number of users with better reliability. Wi-Fi 6 will improve each user’s average speed by “at least four times” in congested areas with a lot of connected devices. Read the article below by Intel to fully understand these advantages.

The Path to the Fastest Wi-Fi Speed

Mobile 4G/5G

With 5G mobile communication offering superfast mobile networks this will change the way we use our mobile devices, 5G will transform industries and society as we know them today. Evolving networks to cater for everything from smartphones to robots on factory floors requires high-performing, highly reliable connectivity. However, there is a problem with 5G which is that the signal does not penetrate buildings very well and this can cause potential issues for commercial enterprises; there is a solution to this and GCL can help. 

GCL are a CommScope accredited partner who has a solution to this problem using a technology called C-RAN small cells. Their solution is called OneCell® and has been designed specifically for high-capacity in-building environments. C-RAN small cells are uniquely designed to meet 5G reliability and performance requirements, while also providing an economical migration path from Long Term Evolution (LTE)  to 5G.

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) 

Li-Fi uses a visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit data, in other words using light to transmit data signals. So, imagine… by adding a Li-Fi switch into a communication equipment rack the existing LED lighting system is transformed into a communications network. Within a few years, it’s predicted that phones, tablets and laptops will all be equipped with Li-Fi functionality and visible light communications solutions will co-exist 
with Wi-Fi. 

More information about this exciting technology can be found by visiting pureLiFi’s website, who are a leading British research company who are considered World leaders in this field.

Lifi Technology

GCL’s wireless experts have extensive experience of providing Wi-Fi and Mobile solutions for enterprise solutions in education, health, commerce and private installations. Our industry-leading accreditations show that we meet the required professional standards in everything we do and we will always offer you impartial advice to make sure you get the best wireless solution.

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Case Studies

King’s Lynn Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn wanted to extend their limited Wi-Fi to allow patients to... read more

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